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More Credibility, Success, and Influence Is Within You. Get It.

If you want credibility, success, and influence, go and get it. The only thing is, are you ready to do the work? And an even more important question that will motivate your work is why? What is the goal that will make this all worth it?

The fact is, there is a bigger reason for doing what we do. If there weren’t, our intentions and goals could fall apart pretty fast. If the why is strong enough, and the thing we want is important enough for us – we will find the way and time to do it.

The more clear we are about our goals, the more sustainable our leadership gets. Especially when the work gets hard, so think about what you want and why?

If you are having a hard time accessing what you want or thinking about this idea, start small – such as “a day off,” “a cup of coffee,” or “a new pen.” It might sound silly or overly simple, but it’s the first step to finding your way back to yourself.

Then you can work your way up to having a better relationship, to being a better parent, to running a 5K, to getting a promotion, and so on. You’ll create a list. When you have all the goals in front of you, go back and circle the top five you want to focus on for now.

How to Get More Credibility, Success, and Influence

  • The “Want It/Love It Up” Five-Step Process

Now that you are clear about what you want, we can go even deeper and make sure you bring it to reality.

  1. See it. Visualize yourself doing it or being it, see the results, and see how the people around you can benefit from it.
  2. Want it. Connect with the feeling of having it. Feel the happiness and the success in your body, the energy of it, the feeling of aliveness and connection that comes with it, and the importance of it. Remind yourself why you want it. Really feel it. Do you feel it? Great, now turn the want up again. Want it even more. Breathe. Good.
  3. Know it. What will this provide for you? What will it give you in the future? What will you be able to do thanks to this? Who can you become? Now, think about what would happen if you don’t do this. What is the cost? Feel it. Now come back to what will be possible when you’ve done it. Stay in that feeling.
  4. Decide it. When you see it clearly, know it, and want it – it’s time to make a decision to create it. No kidding. No more excuses. Make the full-body decision to make it come true. It’s now all up to you.
  5. Love it. Here comes the really fun part. Now all you have to do is to give it love and energy, partner with it, stay conscious, and be willing to do the work.

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