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Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been in business for some time, it can feel that your entire life revolves around your company. You want to lead your people, inspire commitment, plan strategically, facilitate organizational change, and develop your employees – all while remaining profitable.

However, when it comes to succeeding in leadership, you not only have to demonstrate your skills and experience, but you also need to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. And only when you align your job-related knowledge and abilities with your personal qualities can you succeed in both life and leadership. Here’s how:

1. Connect

Fear of failure is natural as you recognize that you’re not only responsible for yourself but also for your team. Accept that you cannot do it on your own. To succeed in both life and business, you’ll need the support, guidance, and feedback of your network. You will have team members, colleagues, stakeholders, contractors, friends, and mentors. And they will all play a role, big or small, in helping you avoid failure. And even if you do fail, it’s your trusted and loyal connections that will help you overcome it.  

2. Be teachable

Be more teachable by first checking your ego. Accept the fact that you do not know everything. Keep an open mind. Be thankful for the opportunity to learn. Be respectful of those giving you feedback and aim to increase your knowledge.

3. Determine your “why”

Knowing who you are and why you do what you do helps make you fearless in the face of potential failure. No one wants to fail. But when you’re self-aware, you can activate your resilience in times of disappointment, allowing you to get back up, evolve, and adapt.

4. Be future-focused

Set goals, both short-term and long-term, that align with your purpose and vision for the future. Rather than trying to predict the future, leverage data that can give you insight into trends that can help with more accurate predictions. While it’s good to think big, also think realistically.

5. Invest in future leaders

Your people are your biggest asset. Invest in their abilities and skills to empower them with the knowledge and experience to think like a leader. By creating future leaders, you’re preparing the next generation of decision-makers in your company, which you will need as your organization expands.

6. Practice gratitude

Showing gratitude at work leads to better motivation, engagement, productivity, and retention. However, feeling appreciative and displaying gratitude goes beyond acknowledging the contributions of other people each day. Being genuinely grateful makes you less likely to suffer from burnout and give in to negative emotions. This makes you a more effective leader as you model the positive attitudes and behaviors that lead to a more productive work environment.

7. Create positive experiences

Positive work experiences produce more engaged and happy employees that are loyal to the brand and won’t be easily swayed to leave. Let your people know you’re ready to listen and value their feedback and opinions. Give them channels of communication and keep them open. Protect their mental health.

 Elevate Your Leadership Skills and Boost Success!

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