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A former CEO and COO, Greg specializes in Organizational and Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and Strategic Planning for all types of businesses. Greg understands organizations and the unique challenges and opportunities they possess, with over 30 years of organizational experience in areas of corporate development, business process optimization, corporate turnarounds and revitalizations, team building and organizational leadership.



Developing exceptional leaders that drive impact by motivating, relating, influencing teams to enhance improvement and create value within your organization.


Designing and facilitating intensive customized learning experiences in classroom environments or through cost-efficient webinars with global reach and interactivity.


Coaching that's solution-focused, systematic, leader centered and action oriented. Preparing leaders by removing barriers to maximize performance.


Wide range of leadership assessment tools that create more engagement, retention and performance through greater understanding.

Supercharge your leadership skills

Improved leadership and management skills empower employees, create synergy in the workplace, improve productivity, helps retain valuable employees and ultimately lead to greater success for the organization. Discover how you can gain an edge with executive coaching that provides your entire team with enhanced strategic leadership development.

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How to identify and overcome the 10 Deadly Sins of Leadership

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In this powerful guide, you’ll learn to identify the 10 most significant leadership problems. We call them the 10 Deadly Sins of Leadership. Best of all, you’ll get insights to help you overcome them to open the door to better leadership potential. Explore this free white paper to learn how to develop an organization of great leaders.

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10 Deadly Sins of Leadership

What people say about us

While the real proof of our effectiveness comes from the increased profitability and growth of our clients through effective leadership and executive coaching, team building and strategic planning, there’s something to be said for feedback that describes how they feel about working with us. Here are a few comments from clients who have used our Vancouver-based leadership development expertise.

Supercharge your leadership teams

Call for a free, no-obligation consultation to see how Inscape Consulting Group's leadership development expertise can streamline your leadership capability to increase efficiency, teamwork and profitability.

Business leaders are dealing with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforces, increased scrutiny and more.

Executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions.

Inscape Consulting Group works with you as an executive coach to guide you along the complicated leadership road, providing the leadership development tools and information you need to succeed. Services range from leadership evaluation, strategic planning and coaching your leaders to designing and facilitating workshops and webinars that empower your staff.

Inscape helps you with strategic planning, development of leadership programs and more. We’ll prepare you for leadership succession. Resolve conflicts among your people and inspire your teams to work more effectively — together — to help your organization succeed in today’s challenging business climate. We’ll evaluate and measure your progress. Best of all, we’re right alongside you every step of the way.

Guiding organizations including these to greater success

Leadership development focused on results

Learn more about the comprehensive background that makes Inscape unique

Take one minute to better understand the incredible power of results-oriented leadership coaching. It’s what we do at Inscape Consulting Group. We’d love to help your organization achieve the results you’ve dreamed of.

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leadership development coach Greg Nichvalodoff of Inscape Consulting Group

How you benefit from Inscape’s leadership support

Is your organization achieving all its goals? Is your leadership everything it could be? Are your teams performing at maximum capacity? We can help!

Leadership Development

Avoid the high cost of attending leadership development programs miles and hours from home. We customize and personalize development with you and your needs in mind.

Organizational Reframing

Providing consulting on organizational recruitment, review, assessment, talent management and retention issues. Increasing levels of engagement and productivity.

Strategic Planning

Providing clear coherent strategy with singularity of purpose to outperform competitors by outthinking and out maneuvering them in the marketplace. We'll help you take supremacy of your industry sandbox.

Improving Teamwork

Developing and training your leaders in the skills required for collaboration and teamwork: appreciating others, engaging in purposeful conversations, productively and creatively resolving conflicts, as well as managing programs.

Performance Management

Resolving your organizational performance issues and the challenges that come with change. Developing key performance indicators that inspire individuals and teams to greater achievements.

Performance Evaluation

Wide range of leadership assessment tools that create more engagement, retention and performance through a solid understanding of yourself and your people.

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Many workers keep their job positions into their sixties (some even into their seventies). The average life span is extended, so people continue to work because they need funds to pay for their extended years of life. There are companies that have 5 generations of employees working there: Traditionalists (born before 1945) Baby boomers (born […]

How to Become a More Resilient Leader

Resilient leaders manage to maintain a strong sense of opportunity and a positive attitude during turbulent periods. They don’t bad-mouth previous employers, throw tantrums, blame others, or give up. In their eyes, failures are just temporary setbacks they can quickly recover from. In the face of ambiguity, resilient leaders never get stuck. They have the […]

Business Agility: Strategic Planning vs. Strategic Thinking

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Practicing Authentic Leadership

When famous and inspirational leaders, such as Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk speak, they speak from the heart, which is how they garner huge and admiring audiences. They are authentic, and they have developed a unique communication style that blends vulnerability and competency. But the power lies exactly in allowing yourself […]

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