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Every person has their way of doing business. Some like to take more risks and follow their gut, while others are more inclined to analyze the situation. When it comes to the boss’s workstyle personality, in particular, it can have a significant impact on how business is conducted in the workplace.

It is useful information to have because it lets you manage yourself around these workstyle personality types. Many of us fall under the misconception that others around us like to be treated the same as we would like to be treated. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case. Everyone is influenced by their workstyle personality as well as the behaviours that people tend to use at work.

And while we will not focus on particularly harmful personality types, we will, however, provide several examples and how to manage them.


As their name would suggest, Advancers focus on tasks, results, and taking action. They are usually seen as confident and efficient but spend relatively little time on building close relationships with coworkers. And while they may be pragmatic, strong, and decisive, they can also come off as arrogant, stubborn, or impatient at times.

Managing your relationship with an Advancer workstyle personality is all about taking action yourself. Speed up your efforts, avoid the so-called analysis paralysis, and be the one that brings solutions, not problems to the table.

Everyone is influenced by their workstyle personality as well as the behaviours that people tend to use at work.


This workstyle personality appreciates accuracy, quality, and precision. Present them with facts, as they love staying organized and know the history of a situation before taking action. Evaluators prefer to keep risk-taking at a minimum and carefully balance their options. And while they are factual, logical and quality-oriented, Evaluators can also become somewhat inflexible, isolated, critical, and nitpicking.

Managing Evaluators involves preparedness. Know your facts before deciding to present them with a new idea; otherwise, they will be skeptical to it. Another good way to manage your relationship with Evaluators is to focus your attention on detail and don’t spread the attention too thin.


Energizers love to involve and motivate others by being friendly, enthusiastic, and full of optimism. They excel at selling their ideas to others and are adept risk-takers. Energizers can sometimes also be a bit manipulative, impulsive, and superficial. Keep in mind that they thrive on workplace relationships and it’s a good idea to build one with them.

It’s also a good idea to keep up with their pace. Being optimistic and energetic, they tend to move fast. Energizers also like people who take action, so plan and execute their ideas. Don’t hesitate to be creative around Energizers.

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Harmonizers will always value the workplace climate above all else. They want to maintain a happy and productive work environment by mediating conflicts and bringing everyone onto the same page. Harmonizers tend to be loyal, friendly, helpful, and diplomatic but can also become somewhat soft, indecisive, or gullible.

As long as you do your part of maintaining harmony in the workplace, the Harmonizer boss will hold you in high regard. If your ideas don’t seem to get through, frame them regarding team or customer safety, happiness, and stability. Also, keep in mind that this workstyle personality is highly methodical. Do not present them with too many ideas at once and, instead, introduce them one at a time.

Know the workstyle personality of your boss

Knowing your boss’s workstyle personality will better help you manage your relationship and even help steer the business in the right direction. For more information on the importance of the leader’s personality, let’s connect on or

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