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Finding and keeping great employees isn’t easy, but finding and keeping great managers is even more challenging. What people expect from managers nowadays is quite different from just a couple of years ago. It’s not a secret that both employees and employers expect managers to make their team happy and productive.

Being a manager is a challenging and demanding job with a lot of responsibility. It’s not always a comfortable ride, but there are some things every manager can do to become a better leader.

What is the Definition of a Great Manager?

Technically speaking, a manager is a person responsible for managing the company. The position requires having good management skills and taking on different project manager responsibilities. A great manager is defined by what it manages – if it is a successful business, it has good management.

What are the Qualities of a Great Manager?

  1. They are Approachable – Every employee should be comfortable enough to speak with their manager without feeling like they are just another number in the team. If the manager is unwelcoming and hard to talk to, employees can be too intimidated to discuss important matters.
  2. They are Patient – A great manager knows how to control their emotions to respond rather than react to things. They need to be able to take a step back and calmly assess any situation. They don’t jump to conclusions or quickly point the finger at blame, but rather take time to determine what went wrong and why.
  3. They are Trustworthy – As a manager, it is crucial to keep promises and maintain transparency. Without this, their team members may become skeptical of everything they’re told.
  4. They are Inspiring – A good manager strives to help each team member succeed as an individual while also focusing on the whole team. The ability to inspire their team members to work towards the same goal in unison is a significant part of what makes a great manager.
  5. They are a Decision Maker – A great manager knows how to get information from multiple resources, make a decision and create an action plan

. They should delegate duties to ensure all tasks are correctly completed, and they don’t have a problem with accepting input from their boss or their team members.

  1. They are Accountable – Managers should be held accountable for their actions just as anyone else on their team. A great manager holds themselves accountable when problems arise and are selfless when things go as planned.
  2. They are Positive – It’s up to them to maintain a positive vibe in the office to keep the morale high. Such a mindset keeps people on task and boosts productivity.

Why do most employees leave their organizations? The answer, I’ve learned, is because of their manager. People leave jobs because they don’t like their manager personally or because they don’t feel like their manager meets many of the seven qualities listed above.

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