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Employee engagement is more important than ever as it’s critical for reducing turnover, retaining top talent, increasing productivity, and building better business relationships. When employees are disengaged, they can create a toxic atmosphere – causing other employees to question their own work satisfaction and to entertain thoughts of seeking other opportunities.

When it comes to driving employee engagement, there are 6 Cs to explore. They are:

1. Content

How happy am I doing what I do?

Employees ask themselves how contented they are with their jobs – their position and their tasks. They will wonder if their roles make them feel accomplished and proud. But how do you make all employees happy, especially when you employ a diverse group that is driven by different motivators? The key is to understand what is important to your employees. Listen to them to discover how they define work-life balance. Recognize and reward them for their hard work. Ask for their feedback on how to build a company culture and positive work environment they can be proud of.

2. Coping

Does leadership support me?

Employees are most engaged when they know they can trust and rely on their managers for guidance and support. Ask yourself how often you let your employees know they can come to you when they have problems or encounter obstacles.

3. Compensation

Is my pay fair?

Defining fair compensation is challenging. Workers today have access to numerous online content and public forums where salary is often discussed. Employees need assurance that they are being compensated fairly according to the market. Leadership should be aware of the information that employees can easily search and discuss amongst themselves, even if many companies have policies that they cannot discuss compensation with one another.

4. Connection

Does my company promote socially rewarding activities? 

Do your employees feel connected to your organization’s customers, clients, or the community it serves? Workers don’t only want to interact with one another but also find meaningful connections with the community to be fulfilling. Consider a teambuilding event with your team that involves community or charity work.

5. Compatibility

Do my values align with the company culture?

Employees are happiest and most engaged when they agree and align with the company’s values. Help your employees identify their own values and how they relate to the organization’s goals. Establish managers as mentors that will help guide employees in setting their own goals and identifying the opportunities to increase personal development.

6. Career

Where am I headed?

It’s rare that an employee expects that they will not advance or improve over years of service. They will expect to journey on a career path powered by professional and personal growth. Take an interest in your employees’ career goals by promoting training and development. Create mentoring programs or opportunities for job shadowing. Identify the skills and competencies that next-generation employees will need to transition to key positions.

Which of the 6 Cs of employee engagement do you struggle with the most? 

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