Success comes to those who accept responsibility for their actions. They know that their output is only as good as what they put in. When you take ownership of your performance, you have the power to succeed in just about everything you do.

Personal accountability is a powerful thing. At some point, you will discover that no one can press pause and rewind to take you back in time so you can fix your mistakes. The best thing you can do is seize command of the moment and move forward. Here are four crucial steps to take towards personal accountability:

1. Envision It

The perpetual pessimist will always see the worst; they live in eternal gloom. Even when success is within their grasp, they can’t enjoy it because they believe it is fleeting. The incurable optimist, on the other hand, thinks only good things will happen; any setbacks are temporary and can be overcome with positivity. Which one are you?

Self-awareness and insight are crucial to accepting responsibility for your actions. The problem with being too negative or too positive is that you become prone to blind spots either way. Your distorted sense of reality keeps you from seeing the whole picture. To achieve personal accountability, you need to look at things for how they are. You need to find a balance to gain perfect vision and see what is real.

2. Take Ownership

Achieving your goals involves commitment and investment. But how can you commit to your goals when you continually blame others? When you focus entirely on being the victim instead of what you could have done differently, nothing will ever get done. When you refuse to hear the other side of the story, you don’t gain the insight and the wisdom to move forward. You become stuck in self-pity or anger at what caused the defeat rather than focus your time and energy on solutions.

3. Solve It

Finding solutions is hard work. It takes humility to ask the right people for help. It means accepting that you may not have had the right experience or knowledge and therefore, need to do your research or educate yourself. It means thinking creatively, opening up your mind, and accepting possibilities you may not have wanted to entertain in the past.

4. Act

When you have all the facts, the skills, and the resources, you have the power to change the narrative. A setback or obstacle may have momentarily derailed you but taking ownership and seeing things for what they are will allow you to create a new path to move forward. It is the time when your tenacity and grit are tested. You can either stay stuck and wait for someone to rescue you or worse; blame. Or you can accept that you played a part in your predicament and decide to save yourself.

Ultimately, you are responsible not only for your choices but the consequences. When you demonstrate personal accountability by taking ownership of your behaviors and decisions, your actions are deliberate and therefore, more informed and thoughtful. And with each calculated step you choose, you get that much closer to achieving personal success.

In all our years of business process optimization, corporate turnarounds and revitalizations, and team building, we have seen how a lack of personal accountability on the leadership level is enough to cause the most talented teams to fail. If you want to supercharge your leadership skills and learn more about taking ownership of your choices and actions, let’s connect:

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