Is your company having trouble retaining managers despite it being what you feel like a great place to work?

It’s often been said that employees don’t leave organizations, they leave their managers. But what about when managers are the ones who are resigning? Why would someone who is already in a decision-making position decide to quit?

There are several reasons why managers leave their organization. Sometimes it’s just one primary reason and other times; it’s a combination of factors. Whatever their reason or reasons are, it’s something that organizations should take notice of as it could be a chronic problem that needs to be addressed.  

Here are the top 4 reasons why managers quit:

1. They Lack the Resources to Effectively Get Their Jobs Done

Organizations have high expectations, and they tend to put a lot of pressure on their managers to lead their teams towards productivity. But what if the managers are expected to produce high-quality results, yet the company doesn’t provide them with the resources to get their job done effectively? This could mean having an undermanned team or performing a task that requires technology that the company does not have.

2. They Are Micromanaged

Managers can feel micromanaged when someone above them is controlling all their actions. And when this happens, they feel that they are not trusted to perform their job. Being a manager means having a leadership role, and when your ability to lead is stifled because there is someone else dictating how you should manage, it causes managers to lose interest.

3. They Are Forced to Work with People Who Are Not Good at Their Jobs

Managers are not trainers; their expertise and experience allow them to coach employees towards improving their productivity. A manager is not meant to be the one to ensure that their people are experienced and equipped with the right skills to perform their tasks.

So when a manager is expected to lead a team of people who are not qualified to perform the job they were hired to do, it’s easy to understand why they would choose just to leave rather than be forced to work with people who will not produce results.

4. They Don’t See Growth

While some managers are perfectly happy to stay managers until they retire, some managers aspire to be much more. And when the time comes that they realize there is no more growth or opportunity for them to move up, they’ll choose to move to another organization where there is a higher potential for them to take on greater responsibilities.

If your company is suffering from high turnover in managers, it would be wise to identify the cause. Managers don’t just leave without good reason. And when they do, it’s wise to pay attention and investigate the real reason why.

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