In our personal lives, we only want to surround themselves with people we can trust. The same can be said for business.

Any leader aiming to be successful knows how crucial it is to build and maintain trust amongst not just who they work for but who they work with. Developing trust with your team is every bit as important as maintaining trust with your clients.

When trust is low, relationships can be alienated and cause conflict. On the other hand, when there is a high level of openness and goodwill, trust and collaboration will follow.

Building Trust

Building trust takes time and is not something that happens overnight. It demands consistency. This could mean showing up when you are meant to show up, preferably at the same time every day. This could also mean sticking to a routine that works.

Relationships need to be nurtured, and commitments need to be met. Broken promises in life can be just as damaging professionally. Those you work for and with want to know that they can count on you to always do what you say.

Use good judgment. Earn trust by giving trust. This means protecting your team’s privacy and keeping confidential conversations between you and the concerned employee. Be honest with your employees about all the aspects of the organization – both good and bad. This openness will allow the people around you to trust your decisions.

Weakening Trust

To build trust, you need to know what weakens trust in the first place so that you can avoid these attitudes and behaviors. These include betraying confidences and putting personal interests above the needs of the organization. People will lose trust in you when you lack integrity and act unpredictably.

Maintaining Trust

Just as there are behaviors that can ruin trust, there are attitudes and actions that can fortify them. Show that you put the needs of the company above your own. Be willing to collaborate to create win-win situations. Be respectful and fair. Align your words with your actions; do as you say. Submit high-quality work on schedule. Be consistent to establish reliability. Above all, tell the truth always.  

Beyond discussing ways to build trust with your team, effective and empowering leaders act in trusting ways so that their people will learn by their example. Be the model for commitment and show how to be accountable.

Value the input from your employees. Allow them to have a voice and listen with an open mind. This establishes a positive culture in your company that not only strengthens trust but encourages creativity. And it also promotes work that is collaborative and cohesive.

When your clients see that your team trusts you, they’ll know that they can also rely on you to be true to your word.

Are you new to your organization or have recently been promoted to a leadership role? Do you want to know more about how you can build trust with clients and the people you work with? Let’s connect. I can guide you through the process of change and help you attain both your personal and professional goals.

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